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The Amazing Folks at LifeChoice

I had lunch with my favorite people at LifeChoice Donor Services in Windsor, CT today to talk about music for the upcoming annual Gathering in May.  Every time I connect with these folks, I am amazed at the work they do bringing life and healing to so many and comforting Donor families with such sincere compassion and tenderness.  I am privileged to be able to contribute something to this organization and the people they serve.

My brother was an organ donor, as many of you know.  He taught me how much life and goodness being an organ donor makes possible.  And I’m awed by the comfort and healing that the folks at LifeChoice bring to Donor families.  I encourage everyone to consider signing up to be an organ donor.  You can’t help but be deeply moved when you hear the Recipients’ stories.  A Firefighter spoke at last year’s Gathering and totally floored me.  We all have an incredible opportunity to be a hero to a hero!

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