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Happy Summer 2012!

Well, Summer is here and that’s a beautiful thing!  Such a gorgeous time of year.  I’m really enjoying sitting out on the front porch in my husband’s Adirondak chair in the early morning sunshine with my cocker spaniels, coffee and my Kindle!  🙂  If we keep fairly quiet, we’re treated to a visit from the hummingbirds that favor our feeders!

I’ve even seen a baby hummingbird this year!  From my office window upstairs, I have a perfect view of the top of the weeping cherry where the hummingbirds tend to rest for a bit between trips to the feeder.  It just takes my breath away!  The adult bird was amazing enough but the baby was almost unbelievable!  A tiny bug made the mistake of flying near the baby bird and it zoomed around in fantastic flight patterns until it caught the bug!  Such wonders in Nature!

I hope you are all enjoying the Summer too!

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